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Pikes Peak Massive from Ridge Road
Rocky Mtns of CO
Front Range & Downtown Denver
Collegiate Peaks from Wilkerson Pass

Collegiate Pks is a name born from a summer adventure led by Prof Whitney of Harvard Mining School who brought 4 students here in 1869 to gain field experience and to see if rumors were true that Colorado had peaks higher than California. Their trip aboard the new transcontinental railroad to Cheyenne was continued by stage to Denver, then onward by hoof.

Mt Princeton was named in about 1873, probably by Henry Gannett, USGS Director. He was one of Whitney's students mentioned above.

Sheep Mtn shares that name with 24 other mountains in Colorado, indicating the wide range of mountain sheep.

Red Rock Cañon, purchased by Colorado Springs in 2003, is an 800-acre geological extension of Garden of the Gods. There are areas good for off-leash dogs and horses. Its quarry enjoyed national sales due to the uniformity of the stone and the precision cuts accomplished by steam-driven saws. The round mineral spring houses in Manitou were built using stone from Red Rock. Operations ended in 1915 when reinforced concrete became the material of choice.

Cameron Cone honors Union General Robert A. Cameron who